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Pilot Briefing

(Last update: 16/09/2023)


Here you can find the Flying Festival Pilot Briefing.

Click on the link below to download the latest version, in PDF format.

Pilot Briefing - Flying Festival 2023 v1.0


You can also take a look at our Pilot Info page, for additional information.

Note that any data in the Pilot Briefing supersedes the data on the Pilot Info Page, during the Flying Festival.


This year we have partnered up with SafeSky. All participants can get a promo code to get free access to SafeSky Premium until the 15th of october 2023. Follow the PDF guide below, where you can find the code and how to activate it.

We recommend that you try the app out on the ground first, and on the day of your flight to EBBT, just start it and forget about it.

SafeSky Promo code EBBT 2023 - ENG

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