Motorvliegclub Brasschaat - MVCB VZW

Become a member

Pay us a visit on the aeroclub and ask for a member of the board.

You'll need two members as "sponsors" (active aeroclub members), who allow you to request your membership through the contact form, after which you will receive all the necessary documents by e-mail.


Membership KACB:

total € 225 / year, plus € 50 federation insurrance in case of ULM

As soon as you fly solo, € 250 warranty, which will be refunded when you leave the club.

Aircraft prices:

  • Cruisers: € 1,75/min or € 105/hour - With 10-hour pack € 1,65/min and € 99/hour
  • Cessna 172: € 2,10/min or € 126/hour - With 10-hour pack € 2,00/min and € 120/hour
  • Piper: € 1,85/min or € 111/hour - With 10-hour pack € 1,75/min and € 105/hour
  • ULM: € 1,50/min or € 90/hour - With 10-hour pack € 1,40/min and € 84/hour

All prices are all-in: rental, fuel, insurrance as a pilot and liability.

Additional general costs:

  • Cost of a license from Directoraat Generaal Luchtvaart
  • Medical

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